Humanity First Liberia

Humanity First Liberia was established in 2004 and has been providing relief Items to the war affected, having Free medical Camps in the rural part of the country and has established a computer training center to provide low cost computer education and also providing scholarships to needy and orphans.


About Us

Humanity First is an international charitable trust established in 43 countries to promote and safeguard human life and dignity. It is a non-political, non-sectarian international relief and development agency that works with the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

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Since its inception to provide releif following the Liberian Civil War, HF Liberia has established a number of long-term projects around provision of essential intrastructure, training in vocational skills and healthcare.

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Recent News

HF Liberia restarts its driving training programs.

November 15 2015

HF Liberia successfully raised $5000 in a crowdfund campaign to start a driving program within the vocational institute. We are proud to announce that the program started on November 2. We bought a sleek looking NIssan MIcra that is very efficient on gas.

HF graduates first class with SOS

September 11 2015

As part of HF Liberia's vocational training expansion program, HF Liberia is teaming up with primary education providers to supply extra-curricular vocational education after school hours. Our first pilot project was with SOS international. SOS international runs high-school in the Matadi district consisting of approximately 20 students.

Humanity First Liberia Restarts

May 1st 2015

Humanity First Liberia is proud to announce that it is restarting its operations in Liberia. After a year of uncertainty and mounting challenges during the 2014 years due to Ebola, HF Liberia is back with new vigor and new energy. This year we aim to restart 3 projects under the global HF programs of “learn a trade”, “water for life”, and “ebola orphan care”.

Under the ebola orphan care project we plan on identifying and supporing up to 200 ebola orphans for up to 2 years.

Our Team

Management Team

Our team is highly skilled and understands the scenarios of the organization to their best of abilities. We have the best training sessions for the employees and managers both. Our team has the great capacity in formulating the organizational strategies, SOPs, operational excellence and standards of being a growing organization.

Inauguration of Auto Workshop at HFAVC Liberia

Inauguration of Auto Workshop at HFAVC Liberia

The Humanity First Ahmadiyya Vocational College (HFAVC) is making tremendous progress in its contribution towards rebuilding the Liberian nation. It is the only vocational college in the entire country with well equipped labs in all trades, as well as foreign qualified instructors. Roughly 57% of Humanity First college graduates have found employment, or started their own business, and are now contributing to the local economy.

Humanity First USA Leadership Visits Liberia

Humanity First USA Executive Director Visits West African Humanity First Organizations